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Having Fun Running Away

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Well have been all the way to South Dakota - Ended up being there during Sturgis,

This last trip was going to go to the Grand Canyon, when the weather got in the way - Thunder and Lightning and threats of flash flooding ended up in Sedona instead, on my way to Santa Fe, New Mexico,

Did a stop at the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest - had so much fun taking pictures here - getting in and out of the truck - by the time I got to the petrified forest I was too tired to get any pictures. There was a storm on the horizon I was waiting for it to hit, lucky it missed but not by far, the whole road was wet. I was lucky the whole either chasing the storm or following it.

Santa Fe was amazing - loved my class and learned about Multiple Exposures - now I can do abstract with photograph too - I am so Excited. Went to the Valles Caldera and the Ghost Ranch

Got sick the last day in Santa Fe - UTI - went to Urgent care - was heading to Taos next so had them call the prescription there. Didn't get to see anything there was in bed for 2 days. I did get a wonderful massage - I had made the appointment before I got sick.

Next stop was Denver - I was kind of upset - didn't get a chance to see the Rockies, there was clouds and then there was smoke from all the fires that had been happening. Went to Botanical Gardens with Leo it was so cool.

Then I was on the way up to South Dakota - Stopped in Wheaton, Wyoming and went over to see Fort Laramie. It was really cool, lots of ruins and the people that worked there were great.

South Dakota was fun, stayed in Hill City took the train down to Keystone. Just way too many bikers, One of my favorite Picts is an abstract of Mt Rushmore. Then started the way back home.

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