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Trying to figure out what to do

It's been a interesting last year and a half - I got 2 jobs and lost 2 jobs - unemployed again. Only bitch was that I liked the last job - they downsized.

I am getting the feeling it's time to move to another place and time - and right now Oregon is calling. I have evidence of experiencing instead of achieving the end of the voyage - I will post those photos soon.

Green is a wonderful color and I love mist, fog - driving through clouds - trees as tall as skyscrapers - while beaches are filled with driftwood.

Today I decided to post my paintings - Let me warn you that I am a bit weird if you don't know that already. Only a few have names and most of them are acrylic on canvas, there are a couple that are oil.

Now the biggest thing about my paintings - there are things that hide in plain site so look at them carefully - also everyone usually sees something different.

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