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A Really Rough Week

Hi Everyone.

This last week has been very hard on me. In one day, Wednesday, I was let go from work at the Saguaro Hotel, my mom went into the hospital, as well as other things happening that are disturbing.😨😨

I know some of this is good since work has felt like they were trying to make me quit over the last 9 months and I had lost being happy there.

In all the years I worked there I made a lot of friends and they didn't even let me say goodbye. So when I left work at 5:50 after the meeting of being let go, also thinking I was working Thursday and Friday and went home.

I get home already upset and talk to my Aunt and she said she would call mom. She called me back stating there is no answer, So I then called and left msg. The only thing I could think of was that she was in the hosp. so I call them and she had just arrived. Mom had pushed her button, so the ambulance took her to the hospital and did not call me.

So off to the hospital I go, I am there until almost 11 when they decide they are going to keep her. Her Blood Pressure is in the 200's and she is not there mentally, and I am the one that is aggravating her.

So I go to work on Thursday, woke wishing I didn't have to go but I am not the kind of person to leave someone in the lurch. So when I get to work, they are ready for me to be gone. They count my bank - Ha HA Ha - I was $3.00 over, I was nice and explained where everything is and gave them the combo to the safes. Oh I'm sure they've changed it by now.

Back to Mom, they keep her there until Friday, when I took her home on Friday, it was fine but then Saturday I had to get away for a bit since she decided I was evil incarnate, it was very hard to take.

Auntie Faith came over to help but sometimes even just a little bit of Mom is sometime poisonous. There was no way she could stay alone. Finally about 1 am I gave her a choice of either me driving her to Hosp. or calling the Ambulance.

She was talking and arguing with herself, going back and forth from 40 to 50 years ago and the stuff that happened last week. So I asked if we could get a psych consult, so she is now in the skilled nursing facility in the Hosp. but will be transferring to another place.

Now I am still having to deal with being unemployed, so I applied for Unemployment and work had said that they would not deny it, but I don't know why they could since I feel they let me go.

I don't know what I want to do since I don't want to be in Accounting anymore, That is why I have created my website and posting my stuff on Instagram.

Also been having all my doctor's appts along with Mom's stuff.

I have to say one thing is that I have the best support system. My friends and family have all been there for me to be able to vent and each gives their own advice so I can use what I need from each to be able to make the decisions I am making.

Dan, Thank you - you keep trying to keep my spirits up even though I feel like crying.

Tarise, Thank you -You have the idea of what it has been like with my mom because of you're own and help me keep my mind off of it with your pain in the ass neighbors.

Auntie Faith - Thank you - I really appreciate how hard it is to be with her when she is not making sense. Watering her plants for me. and just being there for me.

Now back to this week. They are putting Mom in a Skilled Nursing Facility in North Palm Springs, It was supposed to be today or tomorrow, Haven't heard anything about it since.

We are going to start the process for her to get Medi-Cal/IEHP tomorrow so we can use that to help with the costs. If her mind gets better I am going to try and get her back home. I know she hates the Idea of a nursing home. We have to do what we have to do.

So while I was with mom at the Hospital Sunday AM somebody hit my car, they did leave a note but it seems when it rains it pours.

Then on Tuesday my oldest son calls wanting to talk to me but I couldn't talk at that moment. So I called him back later and he asked if I knew a Rhonda and I'm like yeah. Well it seems he saw something on Facebook and that I was friends with her. She was killed by an ex-boyfriend and then the cops killed him.

I just want to scream, Cry, Yell - I believe in Karma, but this all happening at once feels like a kick in the head and heart, telling me that I have to change. Before this all happened - I asked for a sign, something that would lead me to the right way and look what happens.

I am ready to start again - but this time I want something that I like. I have to be ready to take control of my mother's life. Maybe at the end of all this I will be able to move out of the desert.

A lot of you know what is going on. I will try to update as time goes by.

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